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About KC Graphics Studio


Inside the Studio . . .

KC Graphics Studio is a unique graphic design company who specialise in custom design Signage.
All our work is created with unique design skills, and the signs are produced in house with customer care in mind, what you get from KC's is a unique look every time. My name's lee and i have been in the design industry since i left school, i have always been fascinated by the things you can create and put together with a design program, and as the years went on i learnt new things, and picked up little tips 'n' tricks on the way. I needed to put all the knowledge and passion for design into something useful so i founded KC Graphics Studio, named after my 2 daughter's Kacie & Courtney, so if you are looking for a genuine company with true passion that can help you stand out from the crowd, then give KC Graphics a try, and see what we can do for you.

Web Design
A web site is a key link to your business, if somebody requires your service's then they are likely to search for it on the internet and whether or not you use the internet much personally, today’s world relies on it and if you look up most of your local business's then you'll notice pretty much all of them have web sites.
Web design in the studio is custom made, so all you see from the studio has been drawn from scratch here and no templates are used or images downloaded, we make sure all work is unique and designed specifically for you and more importantly your visitors to the site. Web design can come in many different styles and that is our speciality to find out exactly what style your looking for even if you are not sure yourself we can help you through it and show you what is available.
Having a web site isn't just the key to generating more business because once you're out there in the world wide web, you need people to find you and you're website to use you instead of the other million companies out there offering the same thing online!
This calls for "SEO" which is Search Engine Optimisation. This is what we apply to the web site so it is built efficiently for the web, or for the search engines to be more specific.
KC Graphics will optimise your website so it is compatible with all search engines and will come up in all searches, if you are aiming to dominate the search engines then you can invest in more seo work, call for a more detailed description of what we can offer you.

Signage and vehicle livery is a big area within KC Graphics Studio and we put all the passion and creation into each project.
We aim to make sure our work stands out to the public eye so you attract the business you require and our work is noticed for its individuality, and quality.
We take pride in our work so you can be assured that you will receive great support and detailed information from the design team and the fitting team will make sure that all safety precautions are taken and quality is put first, but we are still the cheapest!
All types of signage is covered from banners, builders boards, window graphics, van, car and bike graphics, which also come in magnetic for quick removal or temporary signage, also large shop fascia's illuminated or non illuminated.
There is such a big range of signage that i wont fit it all in this description so if you require further detail just refer to the signage section of the website.
All the signage supplied from KC Graphics Studio will be guaranteed and come with after care free of charge, so if it is not to your standards further down the line let us know and we will be there to replace any defects with quick response.

Graphic design is our foundations here at the studio, with all our passion for design there is nothing we cannot create for you.
Whether you are looking for a logo to be designed or a full company re-brand KC's designers will design your ideas and bring them to life with an added unique touch so it’s personal to you and your company.
Logo design is a big part when starting a company because that logo is going to represent you from the start so you want it to give out the right message straight away and with the help of our design squad your expectations will surely be reached.
Image manipulation and image editing is a class skill here at the studio and you can view some of our samples on the web site under the graphic category.
We also cover character design and 3D animation which is a great combination if your looking for a company mascot or character like the mouse for "ESURE" or, the bulldog for "CHURCHILLS" or maybe something to get an impact as much as "the crazy frog" did, remember that, how annoying, but it had such an effect on people that it worked and sold thousands, call the studio formore details and tour our site for more samples and info.