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Signage is any kind of graphic or text created to display information. This is used to direct people, or for Advertising. KC Graphics understand the meaning of signage and the powers it has when created correctly, there are many ways to create a sign because not all signage has the same meaning. Companies will want to attract your attention to them so it would be a good idea to have an eye catching design to attract your attention, but if you need a sign to direct people, or maybe warn people then a basic, bold but plain message is appropriate. Call our studio and ask for advice on the kind of design you need so we can make sure you have the relevant signage created for its purpose.






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Signage traditionally used to be done by hand, the graphic of the requested product would be stencilled out and hand painted which today is still a very skillful talent, although nowadays this kind of talent just has no place in the signage industry due to the highly advanced machinery that is now available, with high tech machines and computers working together to create some amazing pieces of work.

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Although, you would not have any decent work created without having the skill to design the work in the first place. This is where the graphic design comes in, and this is a skill not to be taken lightly, anyone out there that is in that position will be highly passionate about there work or they should not be doing it as this isn't a look at the clock day job, graphic design is a very technical but rewarding skill.

The digital print business is highly graphical and with a great imagination you can create some really effective signage, and have it digitally printed in any size you like. Images can sometimes say more then words in the space it uses.
This is where a company logo becomes very important, and is thought through in depth, the logo of a business is not just a sign it is your image and it Carry's you from start to finish, logo's have to be able to be seen clearly and have to be recognised easily, if this is done well, then you'll notice, for example, say you are driving down the road at 30mph, and in a distance you see this big yellow (golden) "M" you know instantly what it relates to, MC Donald's , and thats a simple cretaed logo.

That is a fine example of how a great thought logo, even though it is so simple, has a big impact. Like Nike for example, you see that swoosh and you know what it is, its the sports brand, not to mention the Apple icon, you see, a simple graphic can do such wonders if it is thought out correctly and created well, as you can see these examples i have used of logo's are all simple, but you have many that are the complete opposite but still have the same effect, just be careful when planning it out though, and make sure it relates to what you are doing, if you would like some professional advise on choosing your logo please contact us and see what we can do for you.

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