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                  Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wrapping has become very popular lately and is in high demand for many reasons

•Protects original paintwork
•Complete colour change ( which can be removed later safely) without paying for a spray job
•Unique and stylish | can be done in various styles - carbon fibre, chrome, matt, gloss
•Makes you stand out and be noticed

There are many positive points to having your vehicle Wrapped, so for whatever reason it may be, whether it is for advertising purposes, or just to be different from the rest, call us and we'll get you wrapped up the right way.

PRICE LIST | rough examples only, prices vary depending on material and metre coverage.

Colours, matt and gloss

Roof £99.00
Bonnet £109.00
Full Wrap £890 to £2600*
Mirrors x2 £49.00
Per metre £55.00

*Priced according to size of vehicle i.e 
£890/full wrap 3 door car e.g. Mini
£1400/full wrap 4x4 e.g. Porsche Cayenne
£2600/full wrap lwb van e.g. mercedes sprinter

Carbon, chrome, candy flip and pearlescent effect

Roof £149.00
Bonnet £179.00
Full Wrap £1190
Mirrors x2 £64.00
Per metre £65.00

Car size
Smart Car = £600
Small Car = £850
Hatchback = £1000
Van SWB = £1100
Van MWB = £1200
Van LWB = £1500
Van SLWB = £1600
Saloon / Coupe / Cabriolet = £1150
4x4 / Large Cars = £1450
Prices are estimates, exact price may vary slightly depending on make/model of vehicle.
Basic wrap
Remove handles, small trim, cover all possible painted areas not including mirrors, handles, badges,
grills, other small/intricate parts.
Colour differences
White, Red, Black, Yellow, Orange, Blue Light Blue, Silver, Green, Brown (Gloss or Matt)
Are standard price.
Carbon, Metallic, Pearlescent, Iridescent, Special Colours
Additional 20%
Printed Wrap
Additional 25%
Additional 350%
Door handles
Additional £50 if part of wrap, £125 on there own.
Different colour roof, bonnet or boot
Additional £75 as part of wrap.
Partial wrap
Bonnet, roof, boot wrapped in standard colour (inc
Small car = £75 - £155
Medium car = £160 - 210